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Februar 2016


Weekend Vibes

I apologize for the quality of this iPhone picture, but it perfectly captures yesterday’s trip into the mountains. Crisp temperatures, clear skies, and bright sunshine all the way! I went to Hinterstoder to watch the Ski Worldcup with some friends and colleagues and spend the day soaking up some much needed vitamin D. I completely forgot how much I love being in the mountains but I’m already scheming on how to get back there asap. 🙂 Continue Reading

Tips & Tricks

Tip Tuesday: Get those photos off your hard drive

Raise your hands; how many of you are guilty of taking tons of pictures and never getting any of them actually printed? I used to be so bad at this as well. I have a ton of pictures on my computer and I really loved taking and editing them (yes I’m one of the weirdos who love the editing process ^^) but then they remain in a folder on my server, never to be seen again. Continue Reading

Tips & Tricks

Tip Tuesday: Make it a Project

In my opinion the beginning of a new year is a great time to get started on projects, whatever they may look like. The first few weeks make for an awesome jumping off point for new endeavors. For example, I’m going to apply for a business license today, and already started training for a 10k run this spring… both things that have been on my ‚to do‘ list for months now (I’m obviously the queen of procrastination). Continue Reading

This & That

On Instagram

Looking back through my Instagram Feed (–> andreamst) it looks like January was way more snowy than it actually was. Shows you that what you see on the internet can’t be trusted. 😉 No, in all honesty January was a great  month! A little slow on the photography front but that was to be expected, but on the other hand quite busy on the personal end. Met up with friends a lot, took long walks in the snow (when we actally had some) and stayed right on track with my training for the 10k marathon in April (which borders on miracle…). All in all a nice start to what I think will be a great new year!  On that note have a great Monday and check back in for tomorrows Tip Tuesday. 🙂

Tips & Tricks

Tip Tuesday: Editing your iPhone photos

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

I think I mentioned before that, when I’m traveling, more often than not, I take photos with my phone. The idea of carrying my heavy DSLR for a day of shopping simply doesn’t appeal to me. However I’m a big proponent of editing photos before sharing them, after all back in the day nobody ever saw the negative rolls either… people only got to see the finished photograph. And in my opinion the same should go for iPhone pictures. Continue Reading