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Februar 2017

The Guidebook

The Guidebook | #6 The First Look

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As wedding photographers, we often throw around terms like ‘getting ready‘ and ‘detail shots’, or ‘first look’, ‘first kiss’ and ‘first dance’. As someone who spends a considerable amount of time in an industry focusing solely on weddings, it is easy to forget, that people who are still in the beginning stages of planning their special day may have never heard these terms before. Obviously most of them are easy enough to understand but the one term my clients keep tripping on whenever I mention it in a meeting is the First Look. Continue Reading

The Guidebook

The Guidebook | #5 Hair & Make-up

Andrea Staska, Hochzeitsfotograf Linz,

When it comes to hair and make-up for your wedding day, you should (as always) consider hiring a professional instead of going to your usual hair dresser next door. Not because they are not awesome in what they do (I am sure they are), but simply because just like with anything else from photographers to florists, there is a difference between hair dresser who ‚take two centimeters off‘ day in and day out and occasionally get to do make-up or an up-do for a ball or prom, and someone who makes a living from only doing hair and make-up for special events like weddings or photoshoots. Continue Reading