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April 2017


Travel | Saluti da Roma – A mini guide to Rome

Rome, Roma, Rom, St. Peter's, Petersdom, Vatican, Vatikan, Pantheon, Colosseum, Kolosseum

Those of you who follow me on Instagram probably know that I’ve recently spent 4 days in Rome, Italy. I went there to attend Way Up North, a European wedding photographer congress. (Loved it! – more on that another time though) Since we basically spent two full days inside a dark theater, listening to one inspirational talk after another, there was not much time for sightseeing. I’ve been to Rome before, though, so this wasn’t really a problem and we certainly did make the most of the 1  1/2 days we had. Below I’ve rounded up a few snapshots and some walking route suggestions for you. Basically a little ‚How to do Rome if you are strapped for time‘-guide. 🙂 Continue Reading


Travel | Postcard from Rome

Rome, Roma, Rom, St. Peter's, Petersdom, Vatican, VatikanSending you a quick little postcard from the eternal city! I promise there will be more Rome impressions soon. 🙂