Spring’s just around the corner

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It’s the end of January so even the smallest sign that spring is coming is very much welcomed. So now, that the freezing temps and the remaining snow are slowly but surely disappearing, I got myself some sping blooms from our local gardener and got to work. 

It’s not much but, at this point even some simple primroses and hyacinths make me very happy! I hope you enjoy them too. 

Fun fact, there are about 400 different types of primroses and almost all of them are very resilient. Most can even be planted out into the ground. So my masterplan is to keep buying primroses year after year and plant them in my garden beds once they are withered in their pots. So at some point, I’ll have a colorful garden even in January!  😉 

Primroses, Hyazinths, Primeln
Primroses, Hyazinths, Primeln

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