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Modern Cottage garden

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I know Covid has thwarted many of the plans we all had last year, and let's face it this year is still not back to normal yet. For example after a year of almost non-stop travelling in 2019 all those plans for more trips came to a screeching halt last March. And as much as it bothered me back then, looking back at the last 16 months spent at home, there are actually a ton of silver linings and good things that came out of the pandemic. (And I say that full well knowing that I am in an extremely priviledged situation with hav[...]

Sunshine in the Flower Bed – Daffodils

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Sending you some sunny flowers to brighten up this dreary Monday. Where did the sun go? Personally, I think daffodils are the happiest flowers out there. They add a much needed dose of color to every early spring garden and even though they look like sunshine, they actually don[...]

Herb garden 101

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I usually don't sow herbs in spring. Mostly because I find it annoying to sow seeds and then wait days, weeks and months until I even see the slightest hint of green. However this year winter feels so long and never ending - dramatic much? - that I jumped over my own shadow, got[...]

Memories on paper

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Having spent a whole lot of time at home this season, I’ve been finding myself looking through old photos of places I've traveled to in previous years. These days, I’ve been exchanging my travels for long walks through the countryside and time spent in my garden, so having th[...]

Spring’s just around the corner

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It's the end of January so even the smallest sign that spring is coming is very much welcomed. So now, that the freezing temps and the remaining snow are slowly but surely disappearing, I got myself some sping blooms from our local gardener and got to work.  It's not much b[...]

There’s Beauty for those who bother to look

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With lockdown no.3 still going strong my daily walks in nature have proven to be the best thing to clear my head and not go stir crazy at home. At this point I'm extremely grateful to be living close to nature and being able to just leave the house and reach the woods and lakes w[...]
Stift Lambach

Hochzeit Gabi & Manfred – STift Lambach

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