Family Shooting, Bauernberg Park, Linz

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ASP-Family Shooting_Linz_-3573Well hello, and welcome back! I know it has been rather quiet around here lately, but now that summer and therefore shooting season’s fast approaching I was thinking it’s high time to show you the last few shootings I got to do last year.

I always get excited when I receive emails asking for my availability to shoot a wedding or a fun family session. However, I must admit my excitement doubles when I hear that my potential new clients are from places like America or England or generally expats living in Linz. Meeting new people from different countries and backgrounds is always so much fun and so interesting.

So, with that being said, you can imagine my excitement when Molly first reached out to me last fall to plan a surprise family shooting for her wife and son and told me they had just moved to Linz from New York. I mean, talk about a culture shock, right?

I had so much fun shooting with the three of them at the beautiful Bauernberg Park in Linz and I am absolutely obsessed with their cute little boy. I mean isn’t he just the cutest?

ASP-Family Shooting_Linz_-3162 ASP-Family Shooting_Linz_-3254 ASP-Family Shooting_Linz_-3196 ASP_Family Shooting_Linz_Bauernberg Park ASP-Family Shooting_Linz_-3270 ASP-Family Shooting_Linz_-3458 ASP_Family Shooting_Linz_Bauernberg Park2 ASP-Family Shooting_Linz_-3147 ASP-Family Shooting_Linz_-3505 ASP-Family Shooting_Linz_-3563 ASP-Family Shooting_Linz_-3572 ASP-Family Shooting_Linz_-3165 ASP-Family Shooting_Linz_-3648 ASP-Family Shooting_Linz_-3662 ASP-Family Shooting_Linz_-3803 ASP-Family Shooting_Linz_-3822

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