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EN: Over the last several years I’ve come across quite a few applications for one job or another (at my dayjob) and I can’t help but be amused by what some people consider an appropriate application photo. Selfies, (obviousely) old school photos, vacation pictures where another person ruthlessly got cut out of the picture (I apologize if that person really had three hands…), I kid you not, I’ve seen it all. Therefor I was immediately on board when friends of mine recently asked me to take a couple of business headshots of them. If I had anything to say about it (or any sort of suitable job opening in the first place…) I’d hire them right from the spot.

AS_Photography_Bewerbungsfotos_Linz_112015_2 AS_Photography_Bewerbungsfotos_Linz_112015-3 AS_Photography_Bewerbungsfotos_Linz_112015-1 AS_Photography_Bewerbungsfotos_Linz_112015_1 AS_Photography_Bewerbungsfotos_Linz_112015-4

  • Julia
    Januar 26, 2016

    Ich liebe deine Business Shots!!! <3

    • Andrea
      Januar 26, 2016

      Danke Julia!! Das freut mich total! 🙂

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