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shop local this christmasSo, everybody who knows me personally, and probably everyone who has watched my Insta-stories over the last couple of weeks knows that I am a huge sucker for Christmas. I start making gift lists in October, research possible DIY’s for family and friends year-round, and I can be found singing Christmas songs in my car pretty much from November 1st on… oh who am I kidding… make that September… ? It’s safe to say Christmas is my happy-time.

I recently stumbled upon an advertisement which said, ‘Shop local this Christmas’ and as someone who is at least partly self-employed I have a newfound understanding for this notion. You see aside from the fact that most of us own way too much stuff anyways, if you do shop for gifts this holiday season, why not support a local business instead of giving your money to huge department stores. Especially at Christmas it’s often make it or break it time for local small businesses and by buying from them, not only do you support their efforts, you also help to fund their livelihood. Everyone has to pay rent, their bills, etc. right? Buying independent, local, and small makes your hard-earned money go a lot further than it would if you just went to a certain large shopping mall.

If you haven’t started your Christmas shopping yet, and you think this notion is something that you can get behind, find below a list of local, small businesses which I think are really cool.

Tam Tam - Spittelwiese 6, Arkade-Taubenmarkt - Linz

All things design and modern lifestyle. The pieces are simple, beautifully designed but guaranteed to attract attention. All are handpicked exclusively by the two owners and include pieces from brands such as hey-sign, Raumgestalt or Farbfreunde. A must for interior fans!

Salon Hochstetter - Herrenstraße 27 - Linz

I stumbled upon this store pretty much by accident during a photo shoot last year and fell in love immediately. If you are looking for extraordinary furniture and home accessories, you should definitely visit Salon Hochstetter. You'll find a mix between small and unknown lables as well as tradional and regional manufacturers. Basically the mother ship for design lovers.

A/T Store - Hofberg 10 - Linz

Less is more? Pretty easy if you have only 'favorite items' in your shop. At this store you can find fairly produced fashion and accessories for men and women by international as well as regional labels. I'm talking Cluse watches, Matt & Nat, Jan 'n June,...

Bloom Side - Bischofstraße 4 - Linz

Hectic Christmas shopping? Rushing in and out of stores in order to get through your shopping list? Not at Bloom Side. Enjoy some tea, coffee and / or cake while browsing browsing the racks of clothing and decor pieces.

Aschauer - Spittelwiese 7 - Linz

Definitely one of the most beautiful little stores in the city. Stepping into the shop feels a little like being transportet back in time. In addition to perfumes and cosmetics you'll also find jewelry and scented candles there. I am almost sure they are the only one's selling Diptyque products in all of Upper Austria.

In the Attic - Rosenauer Straße 4 - Linz

The name is english, the products are from Holland and Denmark, the shop In the Attic comes from Austria. If you're looking for beautiful nordic style furniture and home decor pieces definitely stop by their store.

For more small, independent stores here in Linz check out the Linz Labyrinth Urban Guide. There is a lot more where these above mentioned stores came from.

If you are looking for something a little more 'photography related'... drop me line. As you might know, I also offer gift cards. 😉

DE: So ziemlich jeder der mich persönlich kennt kann und wird bestätigen dass ich ein ziemlicher Weihnachtsfanatiker bin. Ich erstelle den Erstentwurf meiner Geschenkeliste im Oktober, suche das ganze Jahr über nach möglichen DIY Geschenkideen für Freunde und Familie und pünktlich zum 1. September November läuft bei mir mit Auto die Weihnachtsmusik. Man kann also durchaus behaupten, ich mag Weihnachten. 😉 Kürzlich bin ich über eine Anzeige gestolpert in der es hieß: "Shop local this Christmas", und als jemand, der zumindest teilweise selbstständig ist, habe ich ein ganz neues Verständnis für diese Idee. Abgesehen davon dass die meisten von uns sowieso viel zu viel Kram herumliegen haben, warum nicht, wenn wir zu Weihnachten schon unsere Lieben beschenken, dabei gleich auch noch kleine, regionale Unternehmen unterstützen? Falls ihr noch nicht mit euren Weihnachtseinkäufen begonnen habt, findet ihr oben eine Liste mit kleinen Linzer Geschäften dich ich persönlich ganz toll finde.

Mehr Stores wie die oben angeführten findet ihr im Linz Labyrinth Urban Guide. Für den Fall dass ihr auf der Suche nach etwas eher Fotografie-bezogenem seid, schickt mir eine Nachricht. Wie manche von euch wissen gibt's bei mir auch Gutscheine. 😉

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