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I was supposed to fly to Paris for a couple of days, beginning of the week. Just a quick get-away during my three-week vacation. It would’ve been such a great opportunity to shoot a couple of portraits with gorgeous Paris as backdrop, but as life goes I got pretty sick, as if on cue, right in time for my vacation. So obviously all my ideas about strolling along the Seine, visiting the top of the Eiffel tower and sitting in cute cafés, drinking overpriced cocktails went right out the window. Well anyway, since I’m now back on my feet and the drama of cancelling the trip is behind me, I’m just gonna make the best of what I’m given, and enjoy my ‚staycation‘. After all spending a few more days at home is just as nice, especially considering my cute new seating area in the backyard. There might not be an Eiffel tower to look at, but I can drink a cocktail in the sun just as well here, and for a lot less money too.

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    Portraits: Monika
    Portraits: Petra