The 2016 Review

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Bot.Garten_Sabs-51 Well hello there. I hope you had happy holidays and enjoyed a few days with your loved ones. As I am writing this it’s December 29th and Christmas is officially over, which makes me a little sad to be honest, but luckily there are still some left-over cookies around somewhere. I am a huge Christmas fan and spend my year pretty much counting the days until it’s socially acceptable to put up those fairy lights and sing Last Christmas again (YES, I am one of those people). Unfortunately, December always seems to go by at a break neck speed, at least if you ignore this one week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. This one week always feels as if time is at a standstill and I freakin love it. These few days usually give me the breather I need to reflect on the past year and think about what I want to do with the next one that’s coming up. I’m not really big on making (or let’s be honest, following through on) New Year’s resolutions, but I found that having at least a slight direction in which I want the next year to go, gives me the necessary push I need, to start January on a positive note.

When it comes to 2016 I have to say that this year was kind of so-so. In some ways, I feel like absolutely nothing has changed in last 300+ days, but in other ways so much has happened that it actually makes my head spin just thinking about it.

Here are a few personal highlights of 2016 that I am pretty stoked about.

  1. I started a freakin business!
    And if you know me personally or went to school with me this should (or did) surprise you quite a bit. Back in April I officially started my business as a photographer. While I wasn’t really sure what my direction would be back then, I just figured getting started was the most important part. To get a little philosophical here ‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.’ Deep right? 😉
  2. I connected with a ton of new people
    Another thing that would make you raise your eyebrow if you knew me personally. Sometime around April I was asked to shoot the wedding of friends of friends of mine and since I am not someone who just wings things and hopes for the best (let alone when it comes to something as important as a wedding) I figured I needed to gain experience in the field and fast at that! So – thank god for the internet – I went looking for someone in the wedding photography industry who would let me tag along at their weddings and would help me get my feet wet in the business. And within a week I pretty much hit the jackpot and the lovely Veronika from Veronkia Philipp Photography invited me to join her at a couple of her weddings over the summer. It is safe to say that I learned an absolute ton from her over the last few months and also made a great new friend along the way. I also invested in a mentoring session with Katina Fridrik back in May, which was one of the better decisions I made this year. Not only was I able to spend an afternoon picking her brain about anything and everything regarding photography and the wedding industry, she also kept sending clients and jobs my way for which I am super grateful. In addition to those two ladies I had the pleasure of getting to know a lot of new people in form of past and new clients, as well as colleagues from the industry. And while meeting new people is always nerve wracking for me I would not want to miss those moments and new friendships for the world.
  3. I shot my first wedding on my own and fell in love with wedding photography
    I shot my very first wedding on my own at the beginning of July and while sleep pretty much evaded me for about a week before the wedding day, thanks to anxiety, it could not have gone better! If I could have dreamed up the perfect first wedding as a photographer, this one would have been it. Now I cannot wait for the weddings that I have already booked for 2017, as I am sure they will be just as lovely.
  4. I took a road trip through south-west England
    As I already told you in this post, I took a road trip through Cornwall this past August with a couple of friends. While I am in no way shape or form a Rosamunde Pilcher fan (and I mean no disrespect… whatever floats your boat, right?) I have always dreamed about going to Cornwall and standing on those ragged cliffs, looking out over the ocean (very dramatic, I know). Unfortunately, this trip only made me fall in love more with England as a whole. I’ve always loved London and I’ve been there several times over the years, but now I can’t wait to go back and explore more of the countryside too! I mean, I’ve never been to Brighton, Cambridge, Oxford, the lake District, Whitby,… oh the list goes on… So if anyone of you is going,… how about a nice travel companion??? 😉

In retrospect it is safe to say that the year wasn’t perfect but the highs were really pretty darn good. I’m grateful for my people, health, and a job that I love. Excited to see what 2017 will bring. Since this post was pretty wordy, I have decided to keep my plans for the new year for a separate post, so be sure to check back tomorrow if you are interested. 🙂

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