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Wedding Guidebook - Hochzeits Leitfaden - Hochzeitsfotograf OberösterreichI have said it before, but it bears repeating. Once all the organization and preparation for your wedding is over and done with, I just want you to be able to relax and enjoy your actual wedding day.

In order to ensure a great start to your wedding, don’t overlook the pre-wedding part of the day. Your getting-ready process shouldn’t be a mere afterthought, but a special time for you to enjoy. So to make sure you are not fighting your bridesmaids for a spot in front of the mirror, I have rounded up a couple of tips that should help you make your getting ready process an amazing experience and grant you lovely photos in addition to that.

  • Pick a location that is spacious and full of natural light  Aside from your photographer, also your hair and makeup person will thank you. Whether that room is in your home, in a hotel, or directly at the venue is completely up to you.
  • Keep your circle small Make sure you only have your closest circle with you during the getting ready, to ensure a cozy and relaxed vibe.
  • Keep the room tidy and clean Make sure the space is somewhat tidy at all times, so your photographer doesn’t have to spend half of the allocated shooting time, storing away bags, suitcases, clothes, etc. so they won’t show up in the photographs. 😉
  • Have all your details in one spot Personally I arrive about an hour to 90 minutes before the bride is set to leave her getting ready location, to be able to capture detail shots, the final make-up touches, and the putting-on the dress part. I usually spend a few minutes getting the lay of the land, looking for the best light in the room and introducing myself to the people I don’t already know. After that I like to start by shooting the details such as the dress, the rings, accessories, etc. So in order to save time it would be great if you had those things together in one place, so I can create some stunning detail shots for you without having to hunt them down first. Important note: also have the grooms details on hand (if possible). I’m talking, shoes, tie, cuff links,…
  • Speaking of the guys… Getting ready photos are not only for the bride. Classic getting ready shots for the groom are often moments like buttoning his shirt, tying his tie, putting on his cufflinks, etc. These moments don't seem overly important, but they help in telling a cohesive story of the day trough your wedding pictures.
  • Share your ideas If you have specific getting ready shots in mind let your photographer know. If you don't communicate your preferences with your wedding photographer, you may miss out on some special pictures in your wedding album.
  • Enjoy the moment The getting ready shots are just as much about the details as they are about the candid moments. Relax, enjoy yourself, let me do my thing and try to pretend I am not there. Feel the emotions of the moment and trust that if I need something from you, I'll ask. 🙂sdf
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