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Wedding Guidebook - Hochzeits Leitfaden - Hochzeitsfotograf OberösterreichWhen it comes to hair and make-up for your wedding day, you should (as always) consider hiring a professional instead of going to your usual hair dresser next door. Not because your hair dresser is not awesome in what he or she does (I am sure they are), but simply because, just like with anything else from photographers to florists, there is a difference between a hair dresser who 'takes two centimeters off' day in and day out and occasionally gets to do make-up or an up-do for a ball or prom, and someone who makes a living from only doing hair and make-up for special events like weddings or photoshoots.

Don’t be misled by the idea that if you hire a professional make-up artist, you’ll be all decked out in foundation, crazy eye shadow and what not. The beauty of hiring a professional is that you can tell them exactly what you imagined and they will know how to make it happen, while still taking into consideration what will bring out your best features.

Also between us, the thought of not having to run out of the house to get to the hair dresser’s on the morning of your wedding day, but instead having everyone come to you to spoil and pamper you for a while sounds pretty lovely, right? 😉

Whatever or whomever you decide on, definitely make sure you do a trial run with them before your wedding. Most make-up artists have this included in their packages anyway but if not, it’s definitely something you should insist on. Just to make sure, everything will be just like you imagined. And while you are at it, why not combine your hair and make-up trial with an engagement shoot? 😉

Should you need some recommendations for hair and make-up artists in and around Upper Austria just let me know. I'd be happy to help. 🙂 And if you are still undecided about what you want to do with your hair on your big day, feel free to look through my inspiration board. Maybe there's something you like in there.


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