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This past week winter has really shown it's true colors with temperatures between -2°C and -6°C during the day (!) and while we are still lacking snow around here (I refuse to call these couple of flakes on the streets snow...) the weather's finally season appropriate. I absolutely love going for long walks or a run when it's cold outside but sometimes even I need a little distraction from fozen limbs and icicles so what's a girl gotta do? Right, think about sunnier times and that's exactly what I'm doing right now and you can too. 

I don't know about you, but Venice is one of my all time favorite places in Europe. In summer it's always jam-packed with tourists, which can be a little annoying, but doesn't lessen the beauty of this tiny city at all. (Tip: Friends of mine have been there in April and apparently there are not nearly as many people as during the summer months, so maybe schedule a quick get-away in spring...?) Unfortunately it's been a while since my last visit but I hope to go back and enjoy some sunny days there soon. In the meantime these pictures will tie me over just fine.

AndreaStaskaPhotography_Venice_Venedig_2013-4 AndreaStaskaPhotography_Venice_Venedig_2013-2 AndreaStaskaPhotography_Venice_Venedig_2013-3 AndreaStaskaPhotography_Venice_Venedig_2013-6 AndreaStaskaPhotography_Venice_Venedig_2013-20 AndreaStaskaPhotography_Venice_Venedig_2013-5 AndreaStaskaPhotography_Venice_Venedig_2013-7 AndreaStaskaPhotography_Venice_Venedig_2013-21 AndreaStaskaPhotography_Venice_Venedig_2013-10 AndreaStaskaPhotography_Venice_Venedig_2013-9 AndreaStaskaPhotography_Venice_Venedig_2013-24 AndreaStaskaPhotography_Venice_Venedig_2013-8

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