Christmas flower show – Stiftsgärtnerei St. Florian

Merry Christmas!! On the 23rd of December you can definitely start wishing that! The laptops are powered down, all the to do’s are done at the last minute and slowly but surely the anticipation of Christmas is setting in, isn’t it? In this spirit, I would like to dedicate the last post of the year […]

Autumn Impressions from the cottage garden

Herbstgarten, Dahlien, Cosmea, Herbstanemone

Summer is slowely but surely coming to a close. Those warm sunny mornings are turning more and more in gloomy and grey days. However all those summer flowers and shrubs that we’ve planted, cultivated and cared for over the last few months provide us with more than enough pops of color to raise our moods. […]

MOSAIC Home Fragrances

Mosaic Home Fragrances, Scented candles, Duftkerzen aus Sojawachs

It’s funny, I’m an extremely seasonal person. As soon as it’s spring/summer I can’t stand being indoors anymore and I want to spend all my time outside in the garden. However, once it’s late summer and the days are slowly getting shorter, I’m one of the first to start making tea and lighting candles. I […]

DIY Garden Flower arrangement

DIY Flower arrangement with Dahlias, Cosmos and Verbena

How do you actually make flower arrangements? The question I ask myself pretty much since the time when I started to increasingly explore the topic of gardening, flowers, nature, etc. on Instagram (and generally IRL too). Mixed into to the most beautiful images of bouquets and cottage gardens that appeared again and again in my […]

DIY Hanging Fall planter

DIY Floristry_Hanging summer planter

I must confess, when I think of „hanging baskets“, the first thing that comes to mind are those awful, knotted macramé/pot constructions that were found in almost every apartment in the late 80s. Granted I was quite young in the late 80’s but these things were so awful (in my opinion) that they were literally […]

Zweigstelle Schwaigau

Natur- und Gartenfotografie, Zweigstelle Schwaigau, Asten

Well hidden and known only to locals and insiders, the ATZ (Arbeitstrainingszentrum) „Zweigstelle Schwaigau“ is located in the middle of the Upper Austrian Schwaigau. Admittedly, you have to know what you are looking for when you make your way to „Zweigstelle Schwaigau“. Even as a local, it took me a while to find out that […]

Stiftsgärtnerei Sandner | St. Florian

SANDNER - die gärtnerei zum stift sankt florian, Schaugarten,

Everybody needs a Happy Place… or two. Right? In my case, my Happy Place is definitely my garden at home. Even if it, like any other garden, has it’s unsightly and less well-kept corners (piles of junk behind the hut anyone?), and regularly gives me back pain because the weeds just always grow faster than […]

DIY Flower Arranging – How to make your Peonies last

Pfingstrosen, Peonies, DIY Blumenstrauß, Andrea Staska, Gartenfotografie, Lifestylefotografie Linz

Believe it or not, but thanks to the cold and dreary weather we had in April, peony season is still going strong!! While the ones in my garden are unfortunately already withered this year (they are a very early variety) you can still get a bunch of peonies almost everywhere. Certainly at your local florist […]

There’s a new kid in town – Lederleitner Linz

Lederleitner Linz, Promenade Wohnkultur, Gartengestaltung, Andrea Staska, Gartenfotografie, Lifestylefotografie Linz

“The store for the beautiful things of everyday, yet not ordinary life.” This description can be found on the home page of the Lederleitner online store and it couldn’t be more apt. You could also sum up the essence of the store even more succinctly, with “Everything but ordinary!” The store for the beautiful things […]

Planting strawberries – How to plus tips and tricks

Erdbeeren, Erdbeeren pflanzen, Strawberries, How to plant strawberries, wie pflanzt man Erdbeeren an

Say what you will, but homegrown strawberries simply taste best. Period! As soon as the red fruits shine from the beds or pots, my mood rises immediately. Here are a few tips on how to make your strawberry planting a guaranteed success and enjoy a great harvest. What kind of location do strawberries need? Strawberries […]

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