My garden in May

Mid-May, it’s hard to believe. When I open my curtains in the morning, I look outside directly into a green jungle. To be fair, I don’t really look into a “jungle” but my garden, and also all surrounding gardens, have pretty much exploded thanks to the warm temperatures and the necessary May rains. The fruit and deciduous trees are bursting with green leaves, the lawns are partly already a good meter high and want to be cut and in between the 50 shades of green is peppered with colorful wildflowers. All in all, May is the most beautiful month of the year if you ask me. Therefore, I thought I share a little insight into my May garden and show you what is already blooming here. 🙂

The first batch of spring flowers, such as tulips, grape hyacinths and daffodils has already faded, but the forget-me-nots bathe most of my flower beds in a delicate light blue and also my white lilac shrub is blooming and smelling wonderful. In between, white and purple alliums, in all varieties and sizes, also peek out in all the flower beds. These “balls on a stick” make for a fun eye-catcher in very bed.

Even the cottage garden where I grow my veggies is well on it’s way. My raised bed with cold frame is practically overflowing. In the Cottage Garden there are also a lot of things going on. My raised bed with cold frame is overflowing. I have planted radishes, spinach, kohlrabi, arugula, carrots, a home-grown broccoli plant and root parsley in there. Whereby the spinach and the arugula take over at the moment despite regular harvest. This means that they will soon be harvested and reseeded. In the second raised bed, the newly transplanted strawberries are now really taking off and the onion and garlic that I planted last fall will soon be ready for harvesting.

In my low beds the winter carrots are thriving. In the next few days, however, these will also be harvested, because in mid-May it is time to bring my zucchini, cucumber and tomato seedlings into the beds. After all, the ice saints are over now. 😉 If you are interested in specific tips on when to do what in the garden, feel free to check out my Instagram-Highlight “Weekend Jobs”. Every Saturday there are tips on what can be done in the garden on the respective weekend.

You can find more photos of my garden on Instagram, in my Storiesbut also here on the blog I would like to start a monthly garden feature. Simply because I think it’s nice to always be able to check how much the garden changes over the year and how fast everything grows.

Until then, all the best,

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