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DIY Flower Arranging – How to make your Peonies last

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Believe it or not, but thanks to the cold and dreary weather we had in April, peony season is still going strong!! While the ones in my garden are unfortunately already withered this year (they are a very early variety) you can still get a bunch of peonies almost everywhere. Certainly at your local florist and I'm pretty sure also in super markets or grocery stores.  Should you be lucky enough to have a later blooming variety in your garden, or want to buy some in store, here are a few tips and tricks on how to make th[...]
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There’s a new kid in town – Lederleitner Linz

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"Der Shop für die schönen Dinge des täglichen, doch nicht alltäglichen Lebens." Diese Beschreibung findet sich auf der Home Seite des  Lederleitner Online Stores und es könnte treffender nicht sein. Man könnte die Essenz des Geschäftes auch noch kürzer zusammen fassen, nämlich mit "Alles außer gewöhnlich!"  " Der Shop für die schönen Dinge des täglichen, doch nicht alltäglichen Lebens. Lederleitner - Linz Die neue Lederleitner Dependance auf der Pr[...]
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Planting strawberries – How to plus tips and tricks

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Say what you will, but homegrown strawberries simply taste best. Period! As soon as the red fruits shine from the beds or pots, my mood rises immediately. Here are a few tips on how to make your strawberry planting a guaranteed success and enjoy a great harvest. What kind of location do strawberries need?Strawberries are relatively easy to grow, but if there is one thing they do not tolerate, it is frost. They prefer rather wind-protected, sunny places and loose nutrient-rich soil. Stagnant moisture should be avoided as bes[...]