That’s me


I want to photograph love. No matter if it is the love you have for your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your spouse, your parents or for your child. I just want to photograph your love.

Hi, my name is Andrea and I am an Austrian-based wedding and family photographer working all over Europe.

I’m pretty sure this is the moment where I am supposed to tell you that I fell in love with photography at the young age of seven and never looked back. However,… that would be a lie. I hadn’t touched a camera until I was twenty-five and the last thing I ever wanted to be was a wedding photographer. Funny how live works, right? 😉

Anyhow, now that I have been in the photography business for almost 3 years I can honestly say, being a photographer and providing you with images of your love and making actual, tangible memories for you is everything I never knew I wanted.

Below you can find a couple of quick facts about me, so you can get a feel if we might be a good fit personality-wise. This is a critical aspect for the images we create together. I want to be your friend, not just another vendor.

If this sounds good, please feel free to reach out and let me know about your plans! I’m so excited to hear from you.


W H A T  I  L O V E 

I love my family and friends. While I love spending time on my own to recharge my batteries every now and then, there is nothing better than being surrounded by loved ones. Whether it is meeting up with friends, or spending time with family, those moments in which you have the people that mean the world to you near, those are the ones that make me feel the happiest.

I love spending time outdoors. Sitting in the sun with coffee and a great book, putting on gloves and digging around in my garden to plant my own veggies, herbs and flowers, or simply going for long walks or a quick run to clear my head. It doesn't matter if it is sunny and warm or snowing like crazy... every now and then I even like walking around in the rain (but I must admit that doesn't happen all that often 😉 )

I love travelling. While I enjoy short city trips and places like London, New York, or Chicago make my heart beat faster, my heart longs for the untouched nature and the rustic flair that you often find in small Italian towns, northern England or Ireland. I have yet to see a ragged cliff or choppy sea I didn't like. In all honest my dream home would be a tiny cottage somewhere by the sea in England, surrounded with a garden full of wildflowers...

I love kind people. Call me naive but I love kind, open-minded and friendly people. In my opinion being kind is one of the single most important character traits a person can have.

I love jeans, t-shirts and my Chuck Taylors. When I say I live in jeans 24/7 it's no joke. Out of 365 days... there are probably 5 on which you can find me  wearing something else. 😉

I love chocolate cake. No seriously, if there's no chocolate I refuse to call it cake!

I love cute animals. As someone who grew up with two horses, some rabbits and a cat I cannot understand how people can live without some four-legged companion.

I love laughing! You know those times when laugh so hard that tears stream down your cheeks, your belly aches and you are gasping for air? Those are the moments I live for. dfd

W H A T  I  D I S L I K E 

I don't like negativity, arrogant and condescending people, small-mindedness  and petty behavior, judgy people or people who believe it's okay to get forward by putting others down. After all, we rise in lifting others!

I don't like spiders (well that's a shocker...) and I don't like sushi. That's about it. 🙂    dd

N E X T  T R A V E L  D A T E S

March:     Barcelona, ES