Planting strawberries – How to plus tips and tricks

Say what you will, but homegrown strawberries simply taste best. Period! As soon as the red fruits shine from the beds or pots, my mood rises immediately. Here are a few tips on how to make your strawberry planting a guaranteed success and enjoy a great harvest.

What kind of location do strawberries need?

Strawberries are relatively easy to grow, but if there is one thing they do not tolerate, it is frost. They prefer rather wind-protected, sunny places and loose nutrient-rich soil. Stagnant moisture should be avoided as best as possible, as with almost all plants.

So if you have a rather clayey, firm soil, you should prepare it with humus and, if necessary, some sand before planting. After that, nothing will stand in the way of a successful strawberry harvest.

For urban gardeners and balcony planters, it should also be said that strawberries can easily be planted in pots or window boxes. The important thing here is optimal drainage, so that, as already mentioned, no waterlogging occurs. For this purpose, expanded clay can be used, or quite simply, a thin layer of pebbles, so that the irrigation water can seep away.

When to plant strawberries?

Basically, late summer is the perfect time to plant strawberries. For a rich harvest in the following year it is best to put the new plants in the ground between mid-July and the end of August. Those who are a little more impatient, or plant strawberries on the balcony, in pots, can also plant strawberries in April. Pre-grown seedlings are available everywhere as early as February, but it is important to plant them only as soon as the danger of frost is over.

Tipp: strawberries a few weeks apart between April and mid-June, you can enjoy them all summer long.

How to plant strawberries?
1. Before planting the young strawberries, work a little compost, sand and organic fertilizer into the soil, if necessary. This will give the young plant extra energy to grow.
2. 25-30cm distance should be kept between the strawberries. To the next row as well at least 30cm. In the beginning the beds will look quite empty, but the strawberries will grow and fill the space quite quickly.
In pots, calculate a round space with a diameter of about 20cm for each plant. Place the strawberry in the center of the circle.
3. Take into account the depth of planting. The heart leaves (in the center of the plant) should be placed at „ground level“. Plants planted too low can easily rot. Strawberries planted too high risk drying out the roots.
4. After planting, water once properly and then the first two to three weeks add a little water daily and then, once the strawberries are well grown can watering can be reduced to every few days (depending on weather!).

Basically, planting strawberries is not rocket science, and if you follow the above mentioned, you will enjoy a delicious harvest after just a few weeks.

Erdbeeren, Erdbeeren pflanzen, Strawberries, How to plant strawberries, wie pflanzt man Erdbeeren an
Erdbeeren, Erdbeeren pflanzen, Strawberries, How to plant strawberries, wie pflanzt man Erdbeeren an
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