Bringing spring inside

Ok, I admit that talking about spring on the 3rd of January is a bit premature and I have no illusions that there will be winter over the next few weeks, but hey, if garden centers can sell spring flowers from December on, I can certainly bring them into my house without a guilty conscience.

The first spring flowers that get to move in with me each year are traditionally white daffodils. I love my yellow and orange blooming daffodils in the garden, but especially indoors I find the white variety simply the most beautiful. Since I don’t force the bulbs myself, but buy the flowers in pots, it doesn’t take much more than taking them out of the pot, stripping off the excess soil, and putting them in a suitable container. Especially daffodils can also be wonderfully wrapped in moss and then put in a pretty glass container. Looks a little nicer right away.

If daffodils are not your cup of tea, you can apply the same principle to hyacinths, crocus and snowdrops, for example. But beware, the scent of hyacinths can quickly become too intense, especially in small spaces.

So and now excuse me, I think I need to get one, two, seven more flower pots… more is more if you ask me. 😉

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