Flower Thursday | Winter arrangement with roses and ranunculus

I don’t know about you, but the time between Christmas and the “actual” start of spring is sometimes the most depressing time of the whole year. (But maybe I’m just being dramatic 😉 ). In my home, un-decorating the Christmas tree and removing the Christmas decorations is delayed as long as possible, but with a real tree it’s just around 6th of January at the latest none the less.
Especially on social media you see year after year how people throw out the Christmas tree and immediately replace with colorful tulips. No judgement, but I must confess… this is too fast for me. Especially in January and February, where we are still in the middle of winter I’m just not emotionally ready for colorful tulips, no matter how prominently they are placed in the supermarket. 😉

In today’s post, I would therefore like to show you an at least equally beautiful “floral compromise” if you absolutely want to spice up your home with flowers, but like me, are not yet ready for the absolute color explosion. 😉

This bouquet is absolutely DIY-able and all the flowers you should currently get in the supermarket or at your local florist for a few euros. It consists of a bunch of white roses (bought at the supermarket), 3 large light pink ranunculus, 2 branches of a winter snowball and a few branches of blueberry herb to give the arrangement some structure. (If you’d like to see how the bouquet was “tied” feel free to stop by here.

What do you think? With this bouquet you can still delay the tulip season a little bit, right?

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