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Fist summery weekends spent in my backyard | planted a ton of veggies, now all they have to do is grow | I’ve been battling a sore throat for weeks, so lots of tea is on the agenda | first homegrown radishes of the season | Continue Reading

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Waiting for Spring


Apparently spring has officially started four days ago. Unfortunately though, one wouldn’t notice, considering most of us are still wearing down jackets, scarfs and beanies to keep from freezing into a human popsicle. There’s no use in crying about it, though, so I’ll just keep going through photos from last spring in order to get ready for the new season.  Continue Reading

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Out & About | Salon Hochstetter

20160306_salonhochstetter (1 von 4)

I have a tendency to get overly excited about the smallest things, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I’m still (two weeks later) pretty stoked about my recent ‚find‘. Chances are I’m one of the last people to find out about Salon Hochstetter, a pretty awesome concept store in the heart of the Tabakfabrik in Linz, but so what, better late than never, right? Continue Reading


Tabakfabrik Linz

Andrea Staska Photography; Tabakfabrik; Salon Hochstetter, Adform Werbemittel

Time is not my friend these days! Between work, private life and training for the upcoming Linz Marathon I feel like there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done. The most tragic part is that I didn’t even get to properly try out my new camera up until now!  Continue Reading


Weekend Vibes

I apologize for the quality of this iPhone picture, but it perfectly captures yesterday’s trip into the mountains. Crisp temperatures, clear skies, and bright sunshine all the way! I went to Hinterstoder to watch the Ski Worldcup with some friends and colleagues and spend the day soaking up some much needed vitamin D. I completely forgot how much I love being in the mountains but I’m already scheming on how to get back there asap. 🙂 Continue Reading


Today’s Detail


Slow Sunday morning with my 5 year journal, some herbal tea and bright blooms to lighten up this gloomy weekend. In dire need of some sunshine. 🙂




I’d like to lodge an official complaint. They promised me snow, lots and lots of snow… and all I’ve seen so far are puddles and rain. Just sayin‘. Anyhow, TGIF! Have a great weekend! (: