MOSAIC Home Fragrances

It’s funny, I’m an extremely seasonal person. As soon as it’s spring/summer I can’t stand being indoors anymore and I want to spend all my time outside in the garden. However, once it’s late summer and the days are slowly getting shorter, I’m one of the first to start making tea and lighting candles. I find there is hardly anything cozier than wrapping up in a blanket, with a cup of tea and lighting a candle, while reading a book. Perfect Evening if you ask me.

This year I’m especially happy about the cooler evenings, because Alicja und Johannes fromMosaic Home Fragrances were kind enough to send me some of their candles to try before their store launch at the end of September and what can I say, they are a dream! The candles are made of non-GMO vegetable soy wax, sans toxins like parabens and Phthalateand are hand made in Vienna.

For the launch there will be four different fragrances, developed together with a perfumer in Grasse / France.

Oak Library(in my opinion the best fragrance for autumn)
Woody, cozy and warm fragrance! Reminds us of old books and sweater weather. We love to burn it when we are looking for comfort and relaxation. With notes of lavender, jasmine, rose, amber, vanilla and patchouli.

Silk Route
Oriental, rich and spicy fragrance! With notes of citrus, sandalwood, leather, white musk and vanilla.

Lemon Leaf (my second favorite)
Citrusy, cheerful and uplifting fragrance! It cleanses and refreshes the room. With notes of aromatic orange, anise and verbena.

Green Wood
Earthy, creamy, refreshing fragrance! Reminiscent of a walk in the woods. With notes of anise, pine needles, white musk and sandalwood.

I for one am looking forward to the Shop Launchand already know exactly which candles will get me through winter.

Mosaic Home Fragrances, Scented candles, Duftkerzen aus Sojawachs
Mosaic Home Fragrances, Scented candles, Duftkerzen aus Sojawachs
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