Winter at the Botanical Garden Linz

Nothing in nature blooms all year long. This quote always comes to my mind whenever I look around outside in nature during the cold months. The nice thing is, there is no need to long for 365 days of colorful flowers, blooming perennials or green lawns. A garden, for example, when properly landscaped, is beautiful and interesting to look at even in winter. The best example of this is the Botanical Garden in Linz.

In the summer months, the Botanical Garden is a popular meeting place for young and old and also a venue for a number of events such as concerts, readings, etc. (You can find the calendar of events here) Whether on the extensive garden grounds, in the glass houses or in the adjoining café, the garden is almost always busy and well attended. However, a completely different picture emerges in winter. I got to experience a completely different, quieter botanical garden a little while ago. No visitors at all, light snowfall and almost a dormant looking garden. The bright, vivid colors you can enjoy in summer make way for more desaturated browns, greens, and reds in the winter months, and the structure of the garden really comes through at this time of year.

But, don’t believe my word, rather take a look for yourselves… 😉

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