Late-winter flower planters for the garden

Oh hellebores, violets, cyclamen and the ever faithful ivy… they never disappoint.
Even though it’s still around zero degrees outside most of the time and the weather changes so quickly between storm, snow, sun and back again that you get all dizzy, you can’t deny it, it already tingles quite a bit in the fingers. So if you, like me, already want to bring a little “life” into the garden, do it best with plants like hellebores, violets and cyclamen.
These plants enjoy the cold and come not only in white but also in the brightest shades of pink (violets even come in quite a few other colors), so it’s a wonderful option to break up the gray in gray outside in the garden a bit.

You don’t need much for arrangements like these. You don’t need much for arrangements like these. An appropriate planter (if you don’t use a flower pot with a drainage hole, it’s important to fill an appropriate drainage layer into the planter first, so the plants don’t get their feet wet. Gravel is suitable here, for example), some potting soil and plants according to the following principle: A Thriller, a Filler and a Spiller. This concept is a tried and true favorite and works for just about any flower arrangement, as well as window boxes 🙂 🙂 

The Thriller:
The Thriller is the “star” of the arrangement, so to speak. This means either a particularly large plant or a plant in a particularly bright color. In this case, I chose a hellebore and white cyclamen as the thriller.

The Filler:
Here the name says it all. It is about the plants that fill up the planter / window box. Often moss, succulents or even evergreen ground covers are used for this.

The Spiller:
To make the arrangement a little more exciting and “three-dimensional” it is always a good idea to think not only “upwards” but also downwards. Downward growing evergreen plants such as ivy or, especially in summer, incense plants round off any flower arrangement perfectly.

With this in mind, have fun planting! 🙂 🙂

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