Why you need a wedding album

Andrea Staska Photography, wedding album, Hochzeitsalbum, Hochzeitsbuch, Fotobuch
I know, I know weddings, as beautiful as they are, are expensive. Some (or probably most of them) even cost more than my car! And I also know that hiring a good, professional wedding photographer also comes with it’s price. No doubt about that. So why am I trying to sell you on the idea of adding even more cost to your bottom line in getting a proper wedding album made? Well, to make it short: because it’s important! Continue Reading


Mountain bound

Königssee, Bayern, Berchtesgardener Nationalpark, Bavaria
Growing up I was never a huge fan of hiking. I did spend a ton of time outdoors (bound to happen when you have two horses), but walking up a hill just for the fun of it never really appealed to me and so I always managed to find a way out of it.  Continue Reading


I left my heart in Cornwall

Cornwall, Newquay, England

Earlier this year I stumbled upon a blogpost titled >>I lost my heart in Cornwall<< somewhere on the internet and thought, even though I had never been to Cornwall before, I totally get it. Continue Reading


Wedding Christina & Christian | Linz

C&C Hochzeit Linz, Hochzeitsfotografie
A few weeks ago I had the pleasure to photograph Christina and Christian on their special day. The wedding took place in Marchtrenk and in Linz and it was such a perfect day full of laughter, love and also a few tears. Just as it should be. Continue Reading


Postcard from Cornwall


A quick little postcard from me to you. I have spent the last week in Cornwall / England and I must say, I have never seen a more beautiful scenery than this. My heart beats for ragged cliffs and a choppy sea and as previously mentioned on Facebook and Instagram, I have made it my life’s mission to photograph a lovely couple on these amazing cornish beaches. Anyone in? Let me know. 😉

PS: Full post coming at the end of the week. 🙂