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Sunshine in the Flower Bed – Daffodils

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Sending you some sunny flowers to brighten up this dreary Monday. Where did the sun go? Personally, I think daffodils are the happiest flowers out there. They add a much needed dose of color to every early spring garden and even though they look like sunshine, they actually don’t like hot weather but rather thrive in colder temperatures. (So I guess that’s a good thing about this week's weather forecast).Do you have daffodils in your garden or on your balcony? If yes, you may want to keep reading, because now that they[...]
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Herb garden 101

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I usually don't sow herbs in spring. Mostly because I find it annoying to sow seeds and then wait days, weeks and months until I even see the slightest hint of green. However this year winter feels so long and never ending - dramatic much? - that I jumped over my own shadow, got myself a couple of terracotta pots, herb soil and seeds and started sowing. I even bought some water cress seeds just so I had one herb that has a shorter growing time than the usual basil, parsley and chives. Smart, right? I feel like gardening has[...]